Images from one of Tulsa’s only surviving film classes

Every Friday I teach a Creative Photography class for the non-profit organization Youth Services of Tulsa. This is one of the only surviving film classes still taught in T-Town so I am honored to have the opportunity to work with a multitude of young students ranging in ages from 12-18yrs. Continuing to work with film is not something I really ever planned to do, but it’s definitely interesting to see how differently I shoot film in comparison to digital. Normally, during class there is not a lot of time for me to shoot since I am constantly helping students work with their cameras and solve problems. Recently, I┬ástarted to sort through film images from my previous classes. Mostly, I am searching for images that are ambiguous and fit together into meaningful photo composites…Here is the first composite I put together depicting students in my class as they interact with one another. Hopefully, these images inspire people to continue on their path to success no matter what they may be determined to accomplish in this life.

One Response to Images from one of Tulsa’s only surviving film classes

  1. Jessica Dossey says:

    This is very cool. Keep up the great work!

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