Who We Are:

Super Man!

Zane Yost graduated with a BFA from The University of Tulsa in 2001. He immediately began work as a creative photographer, shooting on location and in the studio for a variety of clients and special events. Zane has always had a drive toward education and soon took over as Director of the School of Photography at Apertures Studio. While at Apertures he taught a wide range of classes in film and digital photography, Photoshop, and photo printing.

Zane has also been teaching with Youth Services for 3 years, and has participated in many local shows and gallery exhibits. Zane recently opened the Tulsa Photo Group, a downtown Tulsa studio and collective, aimed at giving local photographers a resource for education, networking, gallery exposure, and other unique experiences.

Bill Ramsay retired in December 2006 from his position as Director of Wholesale Sales at Verizon Telecom located in Tulsa. In the telecom industry, Bill was known for being a great mentor and for managing professional sales, marketing, and technical groups.

He was also recognized for leadership, creativity, and consistency in developing high performance teams, negotiating major contracts and managing key business relationships. Since leaving the corporate business world, Bill has devoted his time to family, and to developing his life-long interest in photography into a partnership with Zane Yost in the Tulsa Photo Group. Bill is a Tulsa native and received his BSBA from The University of Tulsa.

What We’re Doing

When Bill decided to get serious about photography, he enrolled in a Creative Portraiture Class at Apertures taught by Zane Yost.

When Zane decided to get serious about the Tulsa Photo Group, he sat down with Bill Ramsay and explained the concept. That’s when the fun started.

Now Bill (age and experience) and Zane (youth and skill) have joined forces to create not only a resource for photographers, but also launch a company focused on providing professional photography services tailored to the desires and needs of a broad range of clients. We share a commitment to excellence in our business and dedication to our customers, our neighbors, and our members. Get to know us! Contact Tulsa Photo Group today.