Monthly Archives: June 2011

Detroit Skyline

Hello friends, I have returned home from a three week photo voyage with my photographer friend Autumn Sissons. It feels good to be in Tulsa and I can’t wait to work on new imagery from all the great locations we visited! Currently, I am experimenting on new photographs from Ontario, Canada and other various cities. This is a new image of the Detroit skyline as seen from Windsor, Ontario.

Town of The Blue Mountains

Town of  The Blue Mountains on the Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada offered breathtaking vistas.  The serene waterside was captured just after sunset with a fixed 28mm lens on my Nikon D300.

Junkyard Photos

While staying in Hancock, Mass we got permission to shoot in a junkyard. It was an amazing experience and I took the time to shoot during the evening one day and then again the next morning. This is for all you VW fans out there in the world!

Abandon trailer house

This image was captured at an abandon trailer house while visiting family in Sanborn, NY. As my friend Autumn and I approached the house, we discovered there was a large brown animal moving about inside. Fortunately, the animal was a doggy which just sat in the doorway and observed us as we moved about taking photographs. Eventually, the canine laid down for a nap and propped his doggy head up on the side of his bed. It was a beautiful site amongst the chaotic environment. What was to happen next is a photographers worst nightmare! Autumn unknowingly dropped her keys in the tall grass that you see in this photo! I had to run (with my camera bag over my shoulder) over a mile…

Lightning storm in Buffalo, NY

Recently, I had the opportunity to pass through Buffalo, NY with my friend Autumn Sissons. During our short stay we photographed a lightning storm over the Peace Bridge.  This image was captured on a Nikon D300 at ISO 2oo with a Tamron 17-5omm lens at an exposure of 30.o sec and aperture setting of  f/11.